107 Things I Forgot To Say...

My new book is a compilation of 107 inspirations and revelations that can be considered, pondered, and applied. In pursuit of simplicity that is found only in wonder, this guided journal gives you and I the chance to slow down and saunter together. Some thoughts will strike a chord within you that may inspire you to write your own song. You may be inspired to pick up your paintbrush and capture some of the images within the thoughts. Other entries may awaken your inner poet or perhaps cause you to dig deeper as a researcher. Use them as a language for personal worship. Songs and sermons abound in these pages, it will be up to you to mine them out. But, remember, this is not a work-book, this is more about a stroll. Sometimes to "saunter" means to amble with your hands folded politely behind you, breathing and walking at the peaceful pace of your own heart. Your heart’s tempo is a wonderful reminder to fully experience life. This is not a book of lists, scriptures, or formulated ideas and "how to's" about hearing the voice of God. This is an exercise called, "throw your cell phone in your sock drawer and saunter, look, and listen. Slow it all down to see and hear.”

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