Generosity Versus Genius

May 22, 2014

I have had the great privilege in my life to travel to many countries.  My wife and I enjoy museums, especially those that display the uniqueness and diversity of culture and art. Whether it be a small town museum in west Texas that celebrates the rodeo culture and it's local heroes. Or, the world renown museums that you find in places like Paris, London, and St. Petersburg Russia. I have strolled in wonder and stood in amazement and taken in the sheer genius of Monet and Rembrandt. I have also been in the presence of the worlds largest stuffed prairie dog, and I have beheld Jimi Hendrix guitar. I've looked through glass at the personal scribblings of the greatest Irish poets in history and I spent a few solitary moments with Mona Lisa.

History speaks loud and clear that there is no shortage of geniuses in this world. Literary giants, musical genius, and unbridled imagination abounds. Whether it be the mastery of canvas that moves you or the sheer passion of a lyric that touches you in the deepest part of your soul, we can all agree that our lives have been made richer by those considered to be creative geniuses. They are those who have stood out from the rest and set the tones and tempo for us all to gasp in wonder to. They are the ones who were able to marry genius to generosity and they gave us the results of their unique journeys. They are the ones who so inspire us that we not only choose to remember, but we must remember. History has proven them to be unforgettable because they gave us their expressed experiences of life through their art. They painted and danced and sculpted their way into all of our lives and left us with this challenge and charge. "Live your songs in such a way that your memories become melodies and your melodies become memorable." So, whatever art form you have chosen to to express your journey remember this.

Music doesn't just touch your senses, stimulate thought and awaken memories. Dance doesn't just engage your physical body in movement and self-expression. Art doesn't just bring color and texture and image to canvas. Writing and storytelling are not just literary and verbal communication mechanisms designed to convey thought and emotions and dispense information. These are not just forms of creativity and personal expression either. These are gifts that help our human-ness and our true heaven-ness find one another. They awaken us to life and cause our heart, imagination, wonder, beauty, mystery, sadness, pain and joy to find one another and dance the most elegant steps of life.

 "The world is waiting for you, not another version of another"

So live your authentic life, create your authentic art, find joy in your journey, give your all, and be outrageously generous.

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